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Hello and Welcome! This is my blog dedicated to any kind of dolls because this is where I can be myself. Be unique. Be a Monster. I mostly watch/collect Monster High and Ever After High but there's always new things! Feel free to talk to me because that's what I'm here for. :D

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Varya color sketch in Monster High style

sketch by NiaTayn(Nia)

color and character by me(c)Reybel-Art


More Ever After high captions thanks Freshplinfa!!!! Wow the O’hair sisters’s Getting Fairest!!!!!


Howleen and Clawdeen are BSFU!<3 (Best Sisters For Unlife)


Monster High stickers, scanned and edited by me.

Big files, just open the pictures in a new tab.


Found at another so cal toys r us.


I restyled a Raven Queen I picked up on clearance at a Kmart that’s going out of business.

The best part is that she’s got darker lips and eyes than my original! :D


i tried redesign of apples “beachwear”. with the polka dots i couldnt help thinking minnie mouse and pin up. so i went pin up inspired.

im not proclaiming to be an expert in female swimwear. but who in there right mind would were a mesh collar and tutu to the beach. 

and where are the apple shaped sunglasses?. this is the perfect opportunity for them.

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